BLUES UNDERGROUND NETWORK – “The light of a new sun” Review - 

Written by : John Vermilyea

J.C. Cinel's newest release "The Light Of A New Sun" is really a lot more Rock then it is the Blues, but that really should not deter you from giving this album a listen, because as it turns, it is a pretty darn good one.

J.C. Cinel is an Italian Singer/Songwriter/Multi-Instrumentalists that has been involved in the music scene for over 25 years. His musical styles include classic rock, southern rock, rock-blues, country-rock, and prog rock. Reading threw J.C. Cinel's biography, it seems like "The Light Of A New Sun" is his first Solo Album and 4th album in total, since 2001.

"The Light Of A New Sun" consists of 11 Tracks, of which all songs were written and arranged by J.C. Cinel. J.C. Cinel also produced this album as well, showing yet more talent. Special Guest on this album, on 4 of the Tracks, was Johnny Neel "an American vocalist, songwriter, and musician based in Nashville, Tennessee. He is best known for his songwriting, stage, and session work for the Allman Brothers, Gov't Mule, Dickey Betts, along with many others ."

Most of the Tracks on "The Light Of A New Sun" are of the Rock/Classic Rock variety, with some of the first ones on this album, strangely reminding me a bit of Wishbone Ash, especially Track 2 "Wheels Of Time" and Track 4, "The Light Of A New Sun", which was one of my favorites. Another one of my favorites was Track 3 "Living On A Highway", of which some of the singing reminded me a lot of The Doobie Brothers song "Listen To The Music". As far as Blues or Blues Rock goes, the closest I got from this album were Track 5 "Sweet And Wild" and Track 9 "White Soldier", of which both came across with an Allman Brothers feel to them. The final Track on "The Light Of A New Sun" is called "A Place In The Sun", and J.C. Cinel takes the opportunity to show off his skill on the Dobro, throughout this gem of a finale.

Several things came across loud and clear on "The Light Of A New Sun", and they were the facts that J.C. Cinel is one heck of a Songwriter, Singer, and Musician. As far as his singing is concerned, if I did not know he was Italian, I would never of guessed it from this album.

"The Light Of A New Sun" is one of those rare treats that strictly Blues enthusiasts should branch out and take a chance listening to, as it is really that good of an album and one in which has not only made me a fan of J.C. Cinel but has also got my anticipation going for his next release.

Although not really the Blues, I still Highly Recommend giving "The Light Of A New Sun" a try.

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