METAL HEART – “Before my eyes” Review-


Written by: Bea


Vocalist of the Italian group Wicked Minds, J.C.Cinel has realeased a solo album “Before my eyes”.

The styles of this album is progressive rock with rather mind tempos songs and  ballads with a strong folk influence, a little in the vein of Yes, Crosby, Stills & Nash…


J.C.Cinel has what we can called a nice voice, melodic, soft and delicate that some of you will like and others on the contrary will find too “smooth”, personally I am belong to the first category.

The songs are melodic on the vocals and musical levels, the guitars giving the base melody of the songs. We can find instruments and harmonica for example in “Ships in the wind”.

“Feel the moment” is a rock’n’roll/bluesy track, well balanced, well rhythmed.

“Out in the frontline” is a rather country music style track in its riffs, its rhythmic but also in its vocals as well as “Brush my cymbals” with the coming back of the harmonica.

“Before my eyes” is melodic at wishes, rather rhythmed. With “What I see” we’ll find again the harmonica and the folk song “Taking chances”, is the ballad which ends the album.


An album where are mix different styles all as melodic as one another. It is clear that J.C.Cinel’s influences are in the American groups in the rock’folk even country styles. It is a very peasant album to listen, if you like the styles of course, of course far from the metal style.