METALLIVILLE – “The light of a new sun” Review - 

Written by : Glenn Milligan

The 2nd album from JC, an Italian who cuts it with some slick southern rock that you’d think he was from the Deep South just about.

Beautifully recorded it is too with everything mightily standing out in its full glory right from the exceptional opener ‘Think Of Myself’ with some killer harmonica playing to the closing acoustic ‘A Place In The Sun’ that should have crickets singing in the background as its so nice and relaxing.

In between are some real feelgood numbers in the form of the slight Skynrydy ‘Sweet And Wild’; the amazingly Harrison gone countriness of ‘Islands’ with the lovely guitar solo and sound overall; the bluesines brilliance of ‘White Soldier’ and the incredible ‘Fallen Angel’ that is an epic track in need of recognition.

You need this in your collection.

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