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Italian singer-songwriter J.C. Cinel is probably known to most as the leadsinger of the Italian prog/psych band Wicked Minds. This heavily 70's influenced band released 2 albums through Black Widow Records a couple of years ago but J.C. was busy creating his own music long before that and so it was written in the stars that someday the man would record a full album of his own.


He did so last year and the result is 'Before My Eyes'. The album tells a totally different story than the Wicked Minds one. It's a collection of songs that walk the middle ground between acoustic, slightly introvert balladry & carefully played, electric progrock. But the 70's are never far away in his songwriting with influences ranging from Yes to The Doobie Brothers and from Americana to folk rock.


"Before My Eyes" is a beautiful melodic soft rock album that will please many pop- & rock minded music fans. Just picture yourself sitting on the porch in front of a house, watching the night fall on a warm summer's day with music (which could well be from mister J.C. Cinel) playing on the radio next to you while you sip your first drink of a long night.