SEA OF TRANQUILITY – “Before my eyes” Review-



Written by: Michael Popke



Singer/songwriter/guitarist/harmonica player J.C. Cinel proudly wears his Eagles, Steve Miller, Crosby Stills & Nash, Beatles, Bad Company and America influences on his suede jacket. And while Cinel’s career may be on a circuitous route — he’s a UK-based artist signed to an Italian label that specializes in “Texas music” — his latest album is a straightforward journey into the heartland of America. Before My Eyes rocks and rolls with soul and grace, Cinel’s powerful accent-free voice and classic-rock guitar driving these songs down aural rural roads much like the one pictured on the album’s cover.


It's no surprise that Cinel has been involved with several bands, playing everything from progressive rock and West-Coast AOR to Latin rhythms and Southern rock, and he effortlessly taps into each of those genres here. The result is a diverse acoustic and electric album that’s pleasantly unchallenging — a tribute of sorts to the kind of music that you’ve probably been hearing all your life but somehow never seems to sound old.