SEA OF TRANQUILITY – “The light of a new sun” Review - 

Written by : Steven Reid

Not quite sure whether to be a Melodic Rock album, a Blues album, or a Country album, The Light Of A New Sun, which is the third solo effort from the Jimi Barbiani Band singer J.C. Cinel, decides to cover the bases by being all three. Imagine if The Eagles merged with Danny Vaughn (Tyketto) and Jeff Healey, and you won't be too far removed from the rich, melodic, bluesy mix that comes together to make for this cracking album.

In terms of his vocal style Cinel comes across a little like Danny Vaughn, although there's a strong hint of Jon Bon Jovi as well. In truth though J.C. has a far superior voice to the latter. The Countrified Melodic Rock edge could also see fans of Bon Jovi being hooked into this album, although the eleven songs presented here have far more depth and sincerity than your average BJ album could come to close to hoping to achieve these days. Add to that, the Bluesy guitar flavours and a keen ear for a hook laden chorus and there's no reason why The Light Of A New Sun couldn't break through into the big time. If you hear Cinel singing live, his voice does ever so slightly betray his Italian roots, with the merest hint of an accent in evidence, but I have to say that he must have worked mighty hard on eradicating that side to his delivery in the studio, as until I dug into his career history I presumed this was an American artist. That US outlook certainly also bleeds through into the music, with the Blues and Country sides to this album sounding amazingly authentic, although equally commercial. Songs such as "Nashville Nights" are thick with grooving guitars, which Cinel and Davide Dabusti (and a whole host of guests) lay down with authority and no little passion, something which the production - also by Cinel - articulates to perfection. If you are looking for a little variation through the album the Hammond organ Blues of "White Soldier" or the slow building Bonamassa like title track offer a different side to an album which in general delivers up tempo, good time songs in great abundance. The Light Of A New Sun is an album to whisk you off to sunnier days, doing so while putting a huge smile on your face with the deft guitar licks and smooth chorus lines that J.C. Cinel peels off with ease, making for an album you'll happily listen to again and again.

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